Free at Last?: The Gospel in the African-American Experience

Carl F. Ellis

"Free at last!" It has been more than thirty years since Martin Luther King Jr. shouted those words to a crowd gathered in Washington, D.C. His speech, "I Have a Dream," is now familiar, even famous. But has his dream been realized? In Free at Last? Carl Ellis offers an in-depth assessment of the state of African-American freedom and dignity within American culture today. Updating and expanding his examination (previously published as Beyond Liberation) for a new generation of readers, Ellis stresses how important it is for African-Americans to know who they are and where they have been. So he begins by tracing the growth of Black consciousness from the days of slavery to the present, noting especially the contributions of King and Malcolm X. He also pays particular attention to traces of a "theological soul dynamic," an authentic manifestation of Christianity in Black culture, which runs through American history. It is this dynamic faith, says Ellis, that promises true freedom--the realization of King's dream--for African-Americans today.


Going Global Beyond The Boundaries

by Carl F. Ellis

Positioned to captivate your attention and satisfy a thirst for knowledge about our African American heritage, this book will explore and discover the divine significance of the African American cultural experience. There is a critical need for our involvement in global missions, and the Black Church must respond with urgency. By redefining our identity based on a biblical world and life view, we can take our rightful place of leadership as ambassadors of God's grace, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the continent of Africa and to the nations across the globe.


The Nation of Islam: Understanding the Black Muslims

Steven Tsoukalas and Carl F. Ellis

From the back cover: "The nation of Islam promises African Americans a new identity and purpose. But can it deliver? In this intriguing study Steven Tsoukalas helps us understand the struggle, history, and theology behind Black Nationalism, so that we may respond with compassion and truth.'